Family Medicine
Family doctors provide care for your everyday health needs. It is important to seek care from your family doctor for all your health concerns, as they look at the bigger picture, know your health history and care about you and your health. In addition, you receive more chronic disease care, make fewer visits to the emergency room and are hospitalized less. The Airdrie Medical Clinic has several family doctors, both male and female.

Important Notice
We don’t take information over the phone regarding prescriptions or health concerns, you must visit the clinic in person.

Some of our Doctors are accepting New Patients.  

If you’re looking for a Doctor please call 403-948-3109 and arrange for a meet and greet.

Dr. A. Bencivenga, MD

Dr. A.S. Brar, MD CCFP

Dr A. Elmezughi, MD CCFP

Dr. A. Khan, MD CCFP

Dr. T. Paulgaard-McKnight, MD CCFP

Dr. N. Yang, MD

Dr. Sukhdeep Gill 

Women’s Health Services

Women’s Health Services include: Menopause consults, fertility consults, birth control consults (including IUDs), PAP test and STI testing.

Dr. O. Kravchenko, MD (OBS/Gyne)


Aviation Medicine

Dr. T. Paulgaard-McKnight, MD CCFP


WCB Occupational Injury Services (OIS)
Occupational Injury Service (OIS) is a program designed specifically though the Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB) for people who are injured at work. Ovation Health Services, our sister clinic provides injured workers optimal and timely care while facilitating a prompt and safe return to work process. We strive to familiarize ourselves with your company’s modified work programs and are available for direct discussion with your Occupational Health and Safety representatives.

Click here to learn more about Ovation Health Services

Dr. A. Brar, MD

Dr A. Elmezughi, MD CCFP

Dr. T. Paulgaard-McKnight, MD CCFP


Health Management Team
Family doctors of the Airdrie Medical Clinic are members of the Highland Primary Care Network (Highland PCN) and are supported by the Health Management Team. The team includes a Registered Nurse, Social Worker and Behavioural Health Consultant. These health care specialists work with our doctor’s to enhance your overall health.

The following team members work our family doctors:

Registered Nurse - Jordis, RN, BN
Social Worker - Rachel, BSW, RSW
Behavioural Health Consultant - Dason, MEd


Other Services Available Through the Highland PCN
In addition to the Health Management Team working in the Airdrie Medical Clinic, the family doctors of the clinic have access to an Extended Health Team located at the Highland PCN central clinic. These team members work collaboratively with our family doctors to optimize your health.

Extended Health Team Members Include:

Registered Dietitian

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