An apple a day keeps the doctor away


#10, 620 – 1 Avenue N.W. Airdrie, T4B 2R3

Our online portal has finally arrived. Use the Online Portal Button to sign up and access the following services:
  • Online appointment bookings
  • Online messaging (initiated by your physician)
  • Print or download forms
  • View your results
  • Update your biometrics
  • Manage dependants
  • Manage and view your medical profile

Steps to sign up

  1. Visit and click on “Create an Account” to register, you will need an email.
  2. To activate your account you will need to confirm your identity in the clinic with a valid ID.
  3. Ensure the email you used to sign up is the same one on file at the clinic.
  4. Finally, start using the portal by visiting and logging on!!

**If you are currently visiting the clinic please sign up before you leave**

Airdrie Medical Clinic (AMC) - Online Portal Policy

Thank you for joining our online portal. To ensure the portal is used effectively and safely we would appreciate it if you would adhere to the following policies. In the event we find that you are not following these policies, Airdrie Medical Clinic (AMC) may revoke your online portal privileges.


  • Please ensure your email is up to date and if you change it, it is your responsibility to update it in the portal.
Online appointment booking
  • Our 24hr cancellation policy still applies to online bookings. Any appointment cancelled within 24hrs of the appointment will be charged a no-show fee.
  • There will be various types of appointments available to book depending on your needs (ie mental health, phone appointment). Please read through each appointment type and pick the one that is most appropriate. If you have trouble with this please call the clinic to get help.
  • At this point we do not have a limit of online bookings one person can do, however if we find that you are booking multiple appointments and cancelling them we may revoke your online portal privileges.
  • You will be informed by email when your physician sends you a message. Please check
    your email regularly to ensure you are not missing any messages. Also ensure that none of the emails are going to the spam folder.
  • Physicians will still contact you by phone for any information that is deemed critical.
Viewing your results
  • Select results and investigations will be uploaded to the portal for you to view.
  • If you have concerns or questions about any of your results it is always best practice to book in with your physician to review them.
Patient Chart
  • The patient chart section contains your medical profile.
  • You will be able to view and make changes to your medical profile. If you feel something needs to be added/removed or something is incorrect, please review this with your physician at your next visit.
  • You can add/review your blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, weight, and height.
Managing Dependents
  • This section allows parents and caregivers of adults to have access to AVA Connect features. For privacy reasons AVA Connect requires a medical reason for dependency if the dependent is over 13 years of age.